Pre-Primary Science Fair

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The Annual Science exhibition was held for the very first time in Som-Lalit Pre – Primary school on 26th Jan,2017 with a view to encourage and inculcate a scientific knowledge amongst the students. Each and every class of pre-primary was allotted a particular theme. Each class displayed different projects made by the students, according to the topic allotted to them. As parents entered the Reception, they could feel the pulse and the magnitude of the event. Innovative science projects like fruits, animals, basic needs of life, solar system, body parts(parts of the body), Air, Different experiments like soluble/insoluble, Light & heavy etc. were presented by the pre-primary classes. The main motive of this science fair was for the students to answer a question or a task, not from a textbook, but to gain knowledge themselves by conducting a range of experiments and ongoing research in the short amount of time allocated to them. The Exhibition was a huge success. Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed amidst students, their teachers and the parents. It was a great show with the support of the management, Principal Ma’am, Vice Principal Ma’am, supervisors and all the teachers of the school.

Christmas Celebration

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Each sight, each sound of Christmas

And fragrances sublime..

Make hearts and faces happy

This glorious
Christmas time.” Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful..
All students of pre-primary and grade 1-3 of somlalit school actively participated in the Christmas celebration held on Saturday 24th December in school…The music and the red and white dress code of students and teachers created a magic…All the students were gifted Santa socks with loads of chocolate in it.. #Christmascelebrationinschool #Merrychristmastoall

Articulate 2017-18

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The Art, Culture and Language Exhibition “Articulate” was held at Som Lalit School on the 26th and 27th of January 2018. The exhibition was organized to provide a platform for the students to display their creativity, art, skill and talent, which helps in practical learning as also building the student’s communication skills and confidence levels. There was an overwhelming response by the students as well as their parents, grand parents and staff towards this exhibition. Each class had a theme. Pre-Primary to 2ndstd showcased art and craft based on fun park, education projects, animals, birds, insects and reptiles, etc . 3thstd to 6th std showcased projects based on Unity in Diversity and the States of India. 7thstd to 11thstd showcased projects and games based on Languages ( English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati) and their Literature. The school thanks the staff, students, and parents for their support in making this event an outstanding success.

Infinity – 2018

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INFINITY – A number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number. Something that is boundless, everywhere and in unlimited extent of space and time.

Modern Mathematics and infinity go hand in hand. Meaning it is omnipresent. You find Math and Infinity everywhere and in everything arround you.

At Som-Lalit School the INFINITY 2018 focused on the above unrestrictedly. Each grade was alloted a concept to unveil the models, assignments in an astounding manner. Teachers have taken great efforts to work with kids as a team and show a superb mitzvah.

Kudos Kids, We are happy to have you all.

We thank all parents for overwhelming response for INFINITY – 2018, also congratulations to the students for wonderful project display and explanation.

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Ebullience 2018-19

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The Annual Sports Meet at the Som-Lalit School was an outstanding gathering and the ceremony opened with a formal parade, march past and lighting of the post comprising of the different houses- Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Sapphire. It was a splendid synchronization among the students when they performed the Mass Drill, Patriotic Dance and group song as well. The high dignitaries’ made the event fruitful and encouraged the students to participate and play the games with total zeal and zest. The entire event comprised of the Pre-Primary kids and their enthusiastic parents as participants which made it even more enjoyable.

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