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General Discipline

General Discipline

RAGGING: Ragging is a violation of human rights. Respect humanitarian values and say “NO TO RAGGING”. Ragging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with freshers but a form of psychopathic behavior. Mother Teresa Institute of Nursing has always taken adequate measures for preventation and control of ragging every year. Following the Hon’ble Supreme Court direction we aim to make a ragging free campus. Students are expected to give an undertaking at the time of admission that they will not indulge in ragging in any form.

UNLAWFUL ASSOCIATION: NO student or group of students shall form an association expect such unions or association constituted by the college authorities for the welfare of the students. No student shall circulate notices or journals or any other form of literature in the college without the permission of the principle. Any one indulging in such activities may even be expelled from the college.

TO ADDRESS HIGHER AUTHORITIES: Students are forbidden to address letters and representation to higher authorities directly. Such letters should first be submitted to the principle who in turn will forward to the concerned with specific remarks.

USAGE OF CELL PHONES: Students are strictly informed not to use cell phones in the campus. Those found carrying cell phones into the classroom will be heavily fined and the cell phones will not be returned till the completion of the course.

CARE OF EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTS: Students shall look after the equipment damaged through careless handling will be charged to the student's account. Students are directed to pay for damaged instruments, equipment and college property as and when advised by the college authorities. Such payment must be made and dues cleared before requesting for “NO DUES” certificate while appearing for university examinations.


Mother Teresa Institute of Nursing is a highly rated educational institution in the eyes of the Gwalior public and its surroundings. Students are required to maintain a sense of discipline and decorum and observe order at all times in the college as well as in public places. No games shall be periodically and as frequently as may be necessary. Corrective steps including disciplinary action will be taken to check any act in breach of the disciplinary rules.

PUNCTUALITY: Punctually in theory and practical classes demonstrations college activities is most essential. The student will appreciate the value of punctuality once he/she is out of the college equally your teachers have been advised to be punctual also not to permit any student coming late for classes.

ATTENDENCE: The institution pays utmost importance to attendance. After all, the students are admitted into the college for learning. The attendance rules will be strictly enforced by the college authorities. Eighty percent attendance in theory and practical is a must and students who fail to have the required attendance will not be sent for university examinations. The attendance of the students will be recorded by the teaching staff and the college authorities will not yield to any external or parental pressure in this connection. Student’s attendance will be periodically displayed on the college notice board for information. Also, if a student is showing less interest in studies and declining in attendance and performance, the matter will be brought accordingly. Students are expected to send a leave letter to college once in case of unexpected and unavoidable absence leave for medical reasons will not be considered and counted for calculation of attendance. Intimation of a medical condition and requesting leave is only a courtesy extended to the college by the student. Students are forbidden from taking an active part in political agitations or amitations directed against the authority of government. Students are also advised not to involve themselves in any public or mass movements which seem undesirable and bring down the image of the institution.